Are Kipling bags worth it?

Published: 06th July 2011
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The name Kipling has been synonymous with quality and durability since the inception of the line. They have a wide range of products from handbags, backpacks to luggage and accessories and not just for women but for men as well.

Most of the line is utilitarian while being aesthetically pleasing. The products are effortlessly stylish, colourful, fun, as well as, and perhaps most important to the discerning buyer, they are practical and durable for most active, well-travelled individuals. Kipling's signature logo is a long-tailed monkey. Kipling chose this particular animal to be its mascot because it is a symbol for fun and adventure. This is also indicative of the type of person who will buy a Kipling bag. (Fun fact: All Kipling bags come with the signature Kipling money key chain but what many people may not know is each collection has its own unique monkey and is named after an employee from somewhere around the world. So not only does Kipling value its customers with their affordable prices but this is a great example of their business acumen and how they value their employees as well.)

Deferring back to the affordability of the collections, most of the ladies handbags are under $100 and come in a variety of colours to suit each customer's own individual style. What is perhaps most attractive about the bags are they are made from water-resistant 420 Denier nylon which is a very durable material, that is made to last. When was the last time you purchased anything at the under 100 price point that has lasted more than a few months with repeated use? Many reviewers claim to have owned Kipling products for years. Not just that, another key feature is that these bags have so many sturdy zippered compartments that can hold many of life's essentials; like a wallet, your mobile phone, keys, Readers, mp3 players and while traveling passports an small cameras. Be advised that these Kipling handbags can hold all of these items and with plenty of room to spare and because the zippers are so durable you do not have to concern yourself with the bag coming open with repeated use or as the bag bounces along your body while walking (as is the case with a lot of other handbags on the market) and possibly losing your items; they are secure. Additionally, the straps of the bag are long enough to offer versatility; it be worn as a shoulder or cross body bag.

Kipling's luggage line is made of the same durable nylon material and is just as affordable. Are Kipling bags worth it? Quality products where you do not have to sacrifice fashion for function and at affordable prices; they most certainly are.

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