Why Blum Hinges are the very best?

Published: 17th May 2011
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For a long time Blum hinges have been number one on the kitchen industry. They have led the way for custom cabinetry. The main reason almost all the industries choose Blum is their high quality hardware. The company also makes drawer systems and other fittings for the furniture industry. The company is 100 percent family owned which customers love. The company runs a fairly big operation with a total of 5,087 employees.
As far as the hinges themselves, they are made of high quality nickel plated metal. The hinges come in many different varieties and serve many different purposes. Most hinges when they are installed give a completely sealed look which also gives a modern feel. There are some hinges that are made for people who slam cabinets. These hinges will silence the slamming and glide shut softly. So if the slamming of cabinet doors is annoying you then the soft close system is for you. Blum also makes hinges that are compact. These hinges are great for places like small cabinets with tight spaces. These hinges and most of the other hinges are fully adjustable for various size doors. They are made of nickel plated zinc die cast construction.
Blum also makes under mount drawer slides. They come standard with locking devices and other companies do not include. They also have a 100 pound weight capacity making them very sturdy. The sliders also have full extension capability. Blum also makes the best hinges for glass doors. This hinge is better than others because it offers a 95 degree opening angle and a three dimensional adjustment you can make on each hinge for the doors. These hinges for glass doors are also self-closing and made of nickel plated black colour hardware.
Another unique hinge made by Blum is called the Aventis lift system. These make even heavy doors easy to open. They are especially great for use above areas like a refrigerator or pantry. They are best fir for smaller wall cabinets that have crown moulding. These hinges allow doors even heavy ones to rise up and then inward to keep the door out of the way while it is open. The next unique hinge drawer hardware is called the servo-drive. This allows a cabinet door to even ones that are heavy to be opened with a light touch. When the door needs closing slam it shut and it will slowly go in quietly and not slam.
So as you can see there are many unique features which set Blum apart from the rest of the hinge and drawer hardware companies. They make the most durable and long lasting hardware that can make your cabinets and doors work to the best they can.

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